Direct deposit

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Direct deposit

A method of payment which electronically credits your checking or savings account.

Direct Deposit

An electronic service in which a payment, especially but not limited to a paycheck, pension, or tax refund, is transferred immediately into the recipient's bank account. The direct deposit replaces a check for which the recipient would otherwise have to wait to arrive in the mail. A direct deposit service also allows the recipient to have access to his/her funds immediately without waiting on the holding period, which is required for many check deposits.

Direct deposit.

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of money from a payer, such as your employer or a government agency, directly into a bank account you designate.

Direct deposit is faster and cheaper than sending a check and also more secure, which is why both payers and banks prefer this system. In fact, banks often provide free checking or other benefits if your paychecks are deposited directly.

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Contract award: Provision of equipment automatic deposit III-V materials by MOCVD.
Step 4: Once you've identified what you can save, set up an automatic deposit plan at work where a certain amount, say $50, is taken out of your salary and put directly into a savings account or mutual fund.
If your college issues you a refund from grants or loans to cover your out-of-pocket educational expenses, choose the refund method--check, automatic deposit or debit card--that works for you and your banking habits.
The first key to helping the funds grow is going to be maintaining your discipline in adding to your account--whether it's through an automatic deposit or just a matter of stowing away what you can, whenever you can.
Sign up for an automatic deposit plan that takes money out of your paycheck and into a savings account or mutual fund.
You can open an account with a $100 minimum investment, if an automatic deposit of $50 monthly is set up as well.
com, offer similar automatic deposit options and have low account minimums and per-trade fees.
Automatic withdrawals to pay bills, automatic deposit of payroll checks, Social Security and other government issued checks, such as disability payments, went unregistered.
If you have trouble remembering or fitting into your budget, try setting up an automatic deposit into a savings account.
First, we set up an automatic deposit into an account marked as her "emergency fund," so she could handle unexpected expenses without turning to credit.
As a full-service bank, Zions offers commercial, installment and mortgage loans; trust services; foreign banking services; electronic and online banking services; automatic deposit and nationwide banking and transfer services; as well as checking and savings programs.
Once the study is interpreted, the automatic deposit of the report into the originating RIS completes the delivery of unprecedented connectivity that improves diagnostic turnaround and the productivity of teleradiology and radiological service providers.

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