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Despite its slowing economy, China will be a significant driver of this growth, as a looser monetary policy and stabilising real estate market push Chinese auto sales to comprise 27.
Ness Auto Sales and Service is a used car dealership that serves the greater Madison and Middleton areas, and has a wide selection of vehicles that ranges from the 2015 Kia Sorento to the 1963 Ford Fairlane.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish auto sales, including light commercial vehicles and cars, have declined by 19.
Beijing: Auto sales in China, the world's biggest car market, reached 11.
Global Banking News-January 30, 2014--Bank of Montreal says Canadian auto sales could remain high
China is the world's first country whose annual auto sales topped 20 million units.
Jiangling Motors Co, Ford Motor's commercial vehicle JV, saw its auto sales rose 9.
auto sales last month was the slowest since October, due in part to lower fleet sales and worse-than-expected sales from foreign automakers, such as Toyota Motor Corp.
Meanwhile, a rebound in the Chinese economy is also projected to boost auto sales in the world's second largest major economy.
com)-- Herbies Auto Sales has teamed up with Francorp, a franchise consulting and development firm, to expand their services nationwide through a franchise distribution model.
61 billion yen owing to brisk auto sales in India and other Asian countries.
From July to August, total auto sales increased 25.