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One regulation established, for food additives, enzymes and flavourings, a Community authorisation procedure, which claims to be effective, brief and transparent, based on safety assessment for human health carried out by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and a risk management in which the European Commission and member states intervene in the framework of a committee regulatory procedure with the Parliament's right of scrutiny.
On the other hand, as provided by the protocol, the states could apply simplified authorisation procedures for the temporary export of arms for hunting, sport shooting, evaluation, exhibitions and repair.
However, in no case should these "legitimate factors" lengthen authorisation procedures.
Today they often have to comply with reporting and authorisation procedures in several member states to exercise their activity.
To this end, two European authorisation procedures and a European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products (EMEA) were established in 1995.
The European Commission would like to replace national declaration and authorisation procedures for the transport of radioactive materials by a single registration system.
Marketing authorisation procedures for rolling stock manufacturers and safety certification ones for operators should become faster and less burdensome for both, since the European Railway Agency (ERA) will be empowered to issue market authorisations and safety certifications.
Authorisation procedures for new vehicles can take up to two years at present and cost up to 6 million.
The EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled, on 27 October, against the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria in a case (C 115/08) concerning the competence of national nuclear authorisation procedures.
Ministers accepted amendments passed by the European Parliament this June that among other things, insisted in the independence of the EU paediatric committee monitoring children's medicines, and approving special investigation plans into medicines under market authorisation procedures.