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Brockington's second strategy, affinity, is also an often used strategy of authentification, despite the risk that it might backfire, turning the attention away from the cause and sentimentally back on the celebrity, for example authentifying caring for children in areas of natural catastrophe by referring to the celebrity as a mother.
The admissibility of evidence by electronic recording deals with a series of aspects related to: the authentification, meaning that the electronic recording must be identified and related to its source; the answer to the question whether the respective evidence has kept the integrity of that recording or there are differences compared to the initial variant and last but not least, the certainty that the probation of the truth regarding its content relies on the digital recording, meets the necessity and certainty conditions, just as the evidence given in the traditional system of common law.
An authentification code may be needed to end the transaction but it is usually not required for small transactions.
To the provocative suggestion that "what happened doesn't matter; what people think happened does," he wonders whether this belief can ultimately be sustained in practice: "Law, contract, promise, the elaborate authentification of documents, trust, would be meaningless" (237-238).
Taxonomic authentification of plant specimens was performed by taxonomist at Department of Botany-Herbarium and Botanic garden, Maseno University, Kenya.
Therefore, just a few of the ten USP methods are somewhat, but not entirely, useful for saw palmetto extract authentification, whereas there are several possible ways to adulterate saw palmetto extract.
Not only are you naturally predictable, "the harder you try to be random, the more predictable you become," wrote Mark Burnett and Dave Kleiman in their book Perfect Passwords: Selection, Protection, and Authentification.
The 1958 Hofner Senator is expected to sell for between pounds 100,000 and pounds 150,000 and comes with an authentification certificate from George Harrison.
Many departments conduct constructions and management on their own, without authentification, planning and assessment.
Species determination and authentification of meat samples by mitocondrial 12S rRNA gene sequence analysis and conformationsensitive gel electrophoresis.
Code examples, real-life scenarios and practical checklists are also included to ensure the enforcement of strict authentification and file system access.