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Papandreou still needs to convince several of his own Socialist lawmakers to support the austerity measures.
So don't worry over it, he told his cabinet colleagues who had raised questions in the cabinet about the practicability of austerity measures announced by the ministry on Monday.
Yet these new unions have not seriously opposed Duarte's austerity measures, fought for higher wages, or pressured the government to redistribute land.
htm) Austerity measures are set to tighten as Greece still needs to find new savings to meet 2015 and 2016 fiscal targets.
3 billion euros hole in its budget after the Constitutional Court recently ruled that some of this year's austerity measures were unlawful.
The new austerity measures will force teachers to work an extra hour per week but will also see contracted teachers, who have not been made permanent employees of the state, out of a job.
In Spain Mr Rajoy has an absolute majority and has pushed through waves of austerity measures, trying to prevent Spain from being forced into the same kind of bailouts taken by Portugal, Ireland and Greece.
Meanwhile over 100,000 people took to the streets of Lisbon and other Portuguese cities to protest against fresh austerity measures recently announced by their centre-right government.
Delegates later held a fiery debate over how to respond to the Government's "damaging" austerity measures and approved a motion calling for "far reaching campaigns, including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike.
The minister said the government may have to carry out further austerity measures to meet the new goals, adding that tax on capital gains and dividends would rise.
Hundreds of coal miners have marched from northern Spain to the centre of Madrid to protest against cuts in mining subsidies they say will put them out of work, as public discontent over austerity measures grows.
However, the austerity measures reportedly under consideration do not inspire any confidence.