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Where social media and audience fragmentation can put us in media bubbles of like-minded people, Radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and foster positive dialogue for change.
OTT delivery figures to play a big role in bringing some relief to media companies' most pressing pain points, including the emergence of new competitive threats, eroding revenue growth due to audience fragmentation and unabating cord cutting, which grows more severe each year.
The traditional ad agencies that dominate the mainstream advertising world have either acquired existing digital or social agencies or have brought in to the region digital and social agencies from their global networks, but these cosmetic changes have not altered the fundamental threat that all large agencies face in an era of rapid technological change and audience fragmentation.
Audience fragmentation has been used as a theoretical framework able to depict the new complex and dynamic relationships established between media and consumers.
More genres of content--and increased audience fragmentation.
Yes, there's audience fragmentation, but if I wanted to be honest, I'd say much of the problem has to do with two other things.
Alex White, vice president of product strategy at Sizmek, said, "Increasing audience fragmentation has made it more difficult to effectively deliver the right message across multiple devices in a way that's relevant to a specific user.
The release of Jason Isbell's Something More Than Free was as much of a mainstream media event as one can expect in this age of audience fragmentation.
Despite the overall disruption of traditional media platforms and increased audience fragmentation, we are proud to be growing our audiences across all platforms -- our radio listeners (terrestrial and online), online visitors and on-site audiences.
A final note about audience fragmentation is that, even though U.
Digital content has led to increasing audience fragmentation, and which is reflected in the options that have opened up for advertisers.
According to Webster (2005), both audience fragmentation and audience polarization are to be feared.