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Research on causal attribution is not confined to traditional causes; rather it encourages extracting as many attributions as it can (Bar-Tal, 1978: Forsyth, Story, Kelley, and McMillan, 2009: Nenty, 2010: Vispoel and Austin, 1995: Weiner, 2010).
In an increasingly fragmented digital advertising landscape, todays marketers are eager to learn more about how they can use multi-touch attribution to get a better handle on how the various steps in the customer journey are contributing to conversions and sales, said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize.
Attribution studies have since quantitatively explored a range of types of events and their impacts, as well as an increasing range of geographical regions, and employed a greater diversity of model datasets and statistical approaches (Herring et al.
Differing in terms of approach but aiming for marketing ROI enhancement, all these attribution models are suitable for collecting marketing analytics and direct budget accordingly towards the best reciprocating channels only.
When the defense counsel suggested that Donaldson was "leaving it a bit late to explain what you mean by attribution," the expert witness responded that such a definition had been outside of his remit.
Chon also warned it can be easy for attribution to be given because it's the simplest possible solution, even if the evidence isn't totally there.
This tendency toward an internal, stable attribution is hypothesized to lead to low self-esteem and low expectations for future performance.
Its flagship revenue attribution product provides full conversion path tracking across devices and channels, and combines these insights with econometrics and data mining to provide accurate attribution of customer revenue to online and offline marketing efforts.
Hypothesis 2a: Outcome regret will be positively related to external attribution.
These buyer cases inevitably involve very similar issues as they also concern the standard of care which an auction house should meet when reaching an attribution on a work of art.
Following a review of the attribution and motivated reasoning literatures, I first establish the relevance of presidential transitions in the attribution process by showing that uncertainty exists regarding who is responsible for conditions early in a presidential administration.