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Key customer benefits of include enterprise class robustness, investment protection in compatible SCSI software, and the choice of direct-attach storage devices (Serial ATA or Serial-Attached SCSI).
Seagate has indicated that it will ship Serial ATA this fall and additional manufacturers are looking towards a December timeframe.
Two key features will allow migration of Serial ATA as the new standard to occur more quickly and easily than with most proposed new interfaces 1) In general, Parallel and Serial ATA possess compatible BIOSes; and 2) the test infrastructure can be supported with bridge devices.
Further, the current ATA technology is based on five volt electronics, making ATA a poor candidate for use in notebook computers.
Robust API supports ATA commands including DMA, packet, and queued commands
Instead, they can purchase Ultra ATA/66 drives and use them both in newer ATA systems that take advantage of the higher-speed interface and in older Ultra ATA/33 systems where they will automatically fall back to Ultra ATA/33 speeds.
In recent conversations with management at both Indianapolis and Midway, Fitch was advised that ATA is current on all payments, including passenger facility charge receipts.
Additionally, Candera has named Condre as its primary distributor for the Candera ATA Appliance and the Candera SCE 510 network storage controller.
For most business-critical data, the combination of Candera and ATA storage offers the optimum price and performance.
Our new storage enclosures allow our customers to quickly configure up to two terabytes of ultra-reliable native Serial ATA storage for any application, including RAID, backup and secure offline storage.
ATA and SATA technologies are experiencing increased application usage with the newer generation of drive products.