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In this section the proposed model of bidirectional associative memory is presented.
What is unique and most significant is that the system gains Experience in real time -- it learns from memory and can remember and visually present everything -- because of the nature of visual associative memory technology.
Saffron Technology leverages proprietary associative memory and compression technologies to redefine how people interact with data.
com), an open-source demonstration application that illustrates the power of associative memory technology for streaming data analytics, using the world of Twitter as a live data source.
Saffron's associative memory product, SaffronOne, was the only product we found that could deliver unparalleled scalability, incremental learning and real-time analysis.
Here, the world's experts on associative memory technology are applying Saffron 8 -- including SaffronMemoryBase(TM) and Saffron REST APIs -- for creating adaptable, streaming data-analytics solutions with elastic, enterprise-level scalability.
SaffronOne features proprietary associative memory and compression technologies, avoiding existing knowledge management and personalization scaling limitations to enable employees or customers to make better decisions in real time.
Cloud-based Associative Memory Platform Enables Fast and Easy 'Experience Management' Applications Using the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform
Saffron 8, which includes SaffronMemoryBase, SaffronAnalyst and Saffron REST APIs, is the latest version of the company's market-leading associative memory solution for Experience Management and streaming data analytics.
debuted publicly today with four active customers and proprietary associative memory and compression technologies poised to redefine both knowledge management and personalized e-Commerce applications.
Enterprise-Scalable Associative Memory Store is First Streaming Data Analytics & Experience Management Solution for Business
The new version of Globalbrain combines two different search technology concepts -- 'fuzzy' search, powered by Brainware's patent-protected associative memory technology, and an optimized inverted index search for very common keyword type queries.

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