Asset/liability management

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Asset/liability management

The task of managing the funds of a financial institution to accomplish two goals: (1) to earn an adequate return on funds invested and (2) to maintain a comfortable surplus of assets beyond liabilities. Also called surplus management.

Asset/Liability Management

Any active management strategy that involves coordinating a company's or fund's assets and liabilities such that the two together form an adequate return. Generally speaking, one aims to invest such that assets exceed liabilities as much as possible.
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Asset Liability Management for Insurance Companies is a comprehensive e-learning product covering Global Best Practices, Strategic, Operational and Analytical aspects.
Volatile global markets, proliferation of new financial products and changing regulatory environments have made Asset Liability Management (ALM) a critical function for banks and financial institutions today.
a leading developer of reporting and data visualization solutions, today announced that Netherlands-based ORTEC has selected NetCharts(R) and NetCharts(R) Pro to generate dynamic interactive charts in products like OPAL, ORTEC's suite of personal asset liability management applications.
FTI is a provider of integrated financial accounting tools, asset liability management software and enterprise profitability solutions.
Nasdaq:FISV) and is one of the world's leading providers of technology solutions and education for asset liability management, profitability measurement, mortgage analytics, and financial management and planning.
s fti/Financial Technologies (FTI), a business unit of Open Solutions (NASDAQ: OPEN) and a provider of integrated financial accounting tools, asset liability management software and enterprise profitability solutions, announced that twelve financial institutions recently purchased one or more of its financial solutions.
Best does note, however, that the organization's conservative investment and asset liability management philosophy, coupled with its many and varied liquidity sources, helps mitigate the risk.
The focus of Fitch's analysis will be Bank of Guam's plans to adapt its operating strategy including its investment strategy and asset liability management, to the taxable status of its investment portfolio; problem asset resolution and capital management.

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