asbestos containing material

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asbestos containing material (ACM)

Under Environmental Protection Agency regulations, any material containing more than 1 percent asbestos. There are different regulatory requirements depending on whether the ACM is friable or nonfriable.
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In the City of New York, abatement of asbestos containing materials comes under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.
Tenders are invited for Performance Of Work To Remove Or Neutralization Of Asbestos Containing Materials In Eple The Spring Of The Ile De France.
Even where a full intrusive survey has been undertaken, undiscovered asbestos containing materials may remain and only become exposed during the work activity.
Asbestos has been removed on a risk basis and the Authority have a continual programme to remove potentially asbestos containing materials from its school sites as appropriate and when schools are modernised or refurbished.
Jill Pearshouse, a solicitor at Lichfield-based Keelys, says there is already huge demand for these sur-veyors who will determine whether asbestos containing materials can be undisturbed and sealed in or whether they must be removed and disposed of by properly accredited contractors.
HSE Inspector Richard Bishop said: "A survey had been carried out in 2001 which identified asbestos containing materials.
The new office in Bowen Court on the business park allows BES to offer a rapid response service throughout the region when asbestos containing materials are identified and urgent action is required.
ARI's patented TCCT is a proven and EPA-approved alternative to landfill disposal of asbestos containing materials.
On the one hand purchase by SNCF Mobility of the provision of decontamination, stripping, complete withdrawal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and Materials Containing Refractory Ceramic Fibres (MCFCR) and cuts for reinforcement 104 Atlantic TGV trains delisted from 12 vehicles each, or 1,248 vehicles, on the site of the provider with removal of asbestos and non asbestos waste.
A register of the asbestos will be required and maintained until all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) are removed.
Concerns include a geographic concentration of loans in California (42 percent), low debt service coverage ratios of the group 2 loans, and the presence of asbestos containing materials at some properties.

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