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This is illustrated towards the end of the film when his powers over the artificial reality of the Matrix begin to manifest in the 'real world'.
Krueger, whose book Artificial Reality II [2] describes his vision of human-computer interaction.
Then, Kochanski uses artificial reality to propel the crew into the world of Pride and Prejudice.
4 Glen Emery, "The Radical Visions of Artificial Reality, The Washington Times, May 6, 1991.
Since its beginning development in the late 1960s, the technology of virtual reality has also come to be known as artificial reality or virtual environment, and is similar if not identical to cyberspace, telepresence, telerobotics and personal simulator (Ditlea, 1990a, 1990b; Fisher, 1990a; Fjermedal, 1990; Hall, 1990; Helsel & Roth, 1990; Krueger, 1990; NASA 1990; Walser, 1990).
It represents one facet of a broad range of research activities that fall under the rubric of an ill-defined, nascent field of study commonly called virtual reality -- though some researchers prefer to use such terms as immersive simulation, artificial reality, telepresence, virtual world or virtual environment to convey the particular flavor of their work.
Artificial reality is a simulated experience where, say, you can see yourself on the screen interacting with an object such as drinking a cup of coffee or playing tennis with a friend who is in another space, perhaps in another room.
They demonstrate that our reality is nothing but an alibi for the artificial reality embodied by every artwork.
The 142 contributions are organized into sections on artificial reality, anthropomorphic intelligent robotics, augmented reality/mixed reality, distributed and collaborative VR systems, haptic interface, innovative applications of VR, interactive art and entertainment, motion tracking, real time computer simulation, teleconference/telexistence/telepresences, tools and techniques for modeling VR systems, ubiquitous computing, virtual medicine and health science, virtual reality, VR interaction and navigation techniques.