Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

The creation of models that mimic thought processes. See: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence

Any computer program that seeks to imitate human thought. Artificial intelligence is useful in making some investment decisions because it eliminates emotional trading and is able to make most calculations more quickly and accurately. As a result it is often used in some more complex investment strategies, notably arbitrage.

artificial intelligence

The ability of a computer program to evaluate data and make decisions according to parameters set out in the software. Automated underwriting software is a type of artificial intelligence. The increasingly popular AVM—automated valuation model—uses artificial intelligence and related property data to create appraisals for lenders and for the IRS.

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Today the Commission has opened applications to join an expert group in artificial intelligence which will be tasked to:
and organisation of the tools of artificial intelligence technology to be an
IBM has approached artificial intelligence in a slightly different way than Alphabet.
An Oracle research also shows an increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, with nearly a third (29%) of cloud users citing the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence as a key requirement of cloud.
The UAE seeks to be a major hub for developing AI techniques and legislation, he said, adding that "our 2071 Strategy is founded on a set of fundamentals, primarily Artificial Intelligence across all our government and private sectors.
He has been internationally recognized for his efforts as the recipient of several of the most selective academic awards in the field, including the prestigious Computers and Thought Award, presented by the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), and the Sloan Research Fellowship, presented by the Alfred P.
Yudkowsky, research fellow of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence; Acceleration Studies Foundation president John Smart; PayPal founder and Clarium Capital Management president Peter Thiel; Steve Jurvetson, a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson; and Sebastian Thrun, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory director and Project Lead of the Stanford Racing Team (DARPA Grand Challenge $2 million winner).
MadRTS is proving to be a useful tool in government and academic researchers' development of artificial intelligence systems, and we chose ECD as the best technology available to limit use and control copying of the discs.
NEW YORK -- Artificial Intelligence Combines With Industry-leading Search Functionality to Provide Meaningful, User-Specific Data
DIAGNOS" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:ADK), a leader in knowledge extraction and artificial intelligence, announced today that it has completed the interpretation of a database acquired from the Quebec government for the mineral district of Northern Quebec (approximately 17,550 km2) covering the region of Rouyn-Noranda, Val D'Or, Matagami and Chibougamau.
Boeing Subsidiary Leverages Tigo IDR's Artificial Intelligence to Improve Document Processing for Its Clients by Automating Content Indexing, Filing, and Storage
Initial capital funds will be used to expand the marketing effort and allow us to continue to develop applications for ESPION's proprietary artificial intelligence engine," said Smith.

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