articles of incorporation

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Articles of incorporation

Legal document establishing a corporation and its structure and purpose.

Articles of Incorporation

A document outlining the basic functions of a company. Among other things, it states whether it will be an S Corporation or a C Corporation and how many authorized shares there will be. It also states how its corporate governance and operations will work. A company that seeks to incorporate must file articles of incorporation with the appropriate authority. In the United States, that authority is usually the states and sometimes the federal government. It is also called a corporate charter or simply a charter. See also: Charter Amendment Limitations.

articles of incorporation

The document that a firm files with state authorities when establishing a corporation. This document contains the firm's name and address, the type and amount of stock to be authorized and issued, the type of business activity, a delineation of corporate powers, and other information. Also called charter, corporate charter.
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3(a) of the Articles of Incorporation as amended shall be selected by the current board of directors of the Foundation by the date of the final meeting of the board of directors in each administrative year.
The articles of incorporation will be amended in line with the reasons for amendment stated above.
In addition to conducting ourselves in accordance with these guidelines, the board's action to request that we imbed the voting standard into our articles of incorporation further demonstrates our commitment to shareholders.
Global's Board of Directors unanimously approved the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and recommends that all U.
Osborne to comply with the requirements of the Company's Articles of Incorporation may render his acquisition of certain of the shares null and void.
Global's Articles of Incorporation at a special shareholders' meeting scheduled for January 10, 2007.
HBV also urges shareholders to vote in favor of the changes to the company's articles of incorporation that were promised to shareholders at the May 6 Annual General Meeting.
Amended the company's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to provide for classification of the board into two classes serving staggered, two-year terms; and
At its August 2, 2006, meeting, the Board approved a proposed amendment to the Company's articles of incorporation to require, in place of existing two-thirds supermajority vote and "continuing director" approval requirements, only a simple majority vote of outstanding shares to approve business combinations, amendments to the Company's bylaws, and most amendments to the Company's articles of incorporation.
Further restructuring and protection of the company's net operating loss carryforward is expected to take place at the company's June 2 annual meeting when shareholders will be asked to approve a one-for-10 reverse stock split and an amendment to the company's Articles of Incorporation.
The Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation of the company, after the completion of the change of domicile, will be identical in substance to the company's current Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, as amended.
Also passed at the meeting were board proposals to amend the articles of incorporation of First Western to increase the authorized capital from 10 million shares of $5.