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In my opinion, Reinach's thesis did not correspond exclusively to the application of the theories drafted by British evolutionist anthropology on the beliefs of 'savages', or the acceptance of new ideas developed in the field of art theory and aesthetics about primitive works and the origins of art.
The critique of art theory that privileges the question of what art means, in other words, art understood as an object that points to something out there in the world, is not new.
To anyone who read art theory in the 1980s, this may sound like post-modernism, but it's not.
Having studied art history, he approaches his own art with an intelligence stemming from a study of art theory.
At Trinity each student is given more individual attention, and the course recognises that each student has a unique vision which should be nurtured and developed from a sound knowledge of art theory and professional practice.
Helen Ennis, a senior lecturer in art theory at ANU, covers photography's distinctive Australian characteristics with an emphasis on its role as art rather than journalism.
I discuss Islamic art theory in "Deep Innovation and Mere Eccentricity in Islamic Art History," Making Art History: A Changing Discipline and its Institutions, ed.
This approach leads Huber to what is ultimately a traditional investigation of Veronese's workshop organization, style, and concern with art theory, Huber's methodological pretensions notwithstanding.
Young-Mok Chung, chairman of the department of painting and art theory at Seoul National University, will give a lecture and slide presentation on "Art and Politics: Picasso's Korean War Paintings and Abstract Art of Korea and Japan, 1950s-1960s.
I see kitsch, as defined by art theory and my own experience, to be both a frivolous and a dangerous thing--a plastic flower with razor-sharp edges or a Kewpie-doll-shaped grenade which I handle with much care.
Expertly edited and authored by the academic team of Garry Sherbert (Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Regina), Annie Gerin (Curator and Assistant Professor of Art History and Art Theory in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa), and Sheila Petty (Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Professor of Media Studies at the University of Regina), Canadian Cultural Poesis: Essays On Canadian Culture is an outstanding 524-page compendium offering in-depth and subject-specific analysis of Canadian art, film, literature, sociology, technology, regionalism, communication, women's studies, and more.
It was then that I began to sec a future for art criticism and art theory in the personalities of two of my fellow panelists.