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A higher than expected wage bill and the strong Ariary created some financing pressures.
He charges 50,000 to 75,000 ariary (around $20 to $30) to build a toilet; the rates vary according to the means of the customer.
Madagascar has recently replaced its Malagasy francs with a new currency, the Ariary, using holographic stripes on the two highest denominations.
Such moves include replacing the currency with the pre-colonial era ariary.
They are elaborating additional tax policy and administration reforms to maintain strong revenue growth in 2018, despite the negative impact of the stronger Ariary on customs revenues.
The financing will be issued in Malagasy Ariary, helping SMTP limit foreign currency risk.
e Shekhpura and Ariary in Shekhpura district of Munger SSA for National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) proiet
Project details : The farming sector will receive 24 billion ariary of aid for this year, in the form of a grant offered to the Malagasy State by the French Development Agency (AFD) within the framework of the project to improve agricultural productivity in Madagascar (PAPAM).