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Mate-treated TSOD group was administered mate extract dissolved or suspended in 5% Arabic gum solution as a dose of 100mg/kg/day, p.
Mate extract was suspended in 5% Arabic gum solution, and given orally (p.
Fasted ddY mice were weighed, and divided as follows: a control group (5% Arabic gum, intubation p.
3, a more severe effect of Arabic gum on the Cl-2 sample is observed from SEM micrographs.
To study the effects of Arabic gum, an accelerated weathering test was utilized to simulate the outdoor conditions.
Therefore, the adhesion of Arabic gum to coating can directly depend on the clearcoat surface energy (the balance of hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity).
The glass transition temperatures of the mix containing matodextrin, arabic gum and commercial ice cream mix were -27.