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The state continues to subsidise agricultural inputs, provides price support for 24 crops and maintains high average applied tariff rates on agriculture.
Table 4 Indicators of level of Protection India Indicator/Year 2009 2010 2011 AVE MFN applied tariff (%) (Simple average at HS-6 digit subheadings) 12.
We define these products as those where the tariff fitted value obtained is larger than actual applied tariff.
Tariff slabs have been reduced from 7 to 5 and the applied tariff is effectively at 25 percent which will be brought down further.
Applied tariff rate for US imports, calculated as duties paid divided by customs value was 1.
During the May 2011 tariff revision regulators sometimes cut controllable operating expenses and applied tariff smoothing without proper (or in some cases, any) compensation in later years.
In 2012, economies will work to develop an APEC list of environmental goods that directly and positively contribute to our green growth and sustainable development objectives, on which we are resolved to reduce by the end of 2015 our applied tariff rates to 5% or less, taking into account economies' economic circumstances, without prejudice to APEC economies' positions in the WTO.
Its applied tariff is 10 paisas inclusive of taxes per SMS.
Under the existing World Trade Organisation obligations, countries could actually raise tariffs significantly and still be in compliance, he noted, because there was a large gap between the bound tariff rates and the applied tariff rates.
In 2008, South Korea's average applied tariff on agricultural
The service-based island ranks sixth out of 125 economies on the World Bank's Trade Tariff Restrictiveness Index (TTRI), with a trade-weighted applied tariff of a paltry 1.
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