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P/18/0433/2 Applicant Mr Colford 32 Garendon Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9NX.
Unless a degree programme is listed in PQR, the applicant will not be able to proceed for attestation.
Any director or shareholder of one applicant company shall not be a director or shareholder in any other applicant company for Dth distribution service licence.
In 2012, the highest number of applicants was registered in Germany (77,500 applicants, or 23% of the total), followed by France (60,600, or 18%), Sweden (43,900, or 13%), the United Kingdom (28,200, or 8%) and Belgium (28,100, or 8%).
The proportion of applicants declined by users of tenant scoring during the third quarter has dropped steadily, with the lowest number of declined applicants in the third quarter of 2012.
Applicants and enrollees are more diverse than ever, according to the AAMC.
The EUO transcript of August 16, 2006, provided [at the hearing] by both parties, shows that applicant appeared with no identification.
Particularly in Japan, where a large majority of applicants are company-sponsored, candidates often face enormous pressure from their companies to get into a top-tiered MBA program.
When his daughter was receiving search mailings, Washington Post reporter Jay Mathews observed that students may feel "courted, then dumped" by colleges that pursue applicants initially, then turn them down later.
Applicants must justify the need for this award and provide a convincing case that the proposed period of support will substantially enhance their careers as independent investigators in their chosen area of research.
For example, if your facility is extremely rustic with pit latrines and staff sleeping under the stars, it's best to let applicants know this up front.
We've interviewed a couple applicants who do not appear capable of performing the physical components of the job, and my boss thinks we should have applicants bring a medical release to the interview or submit to a medical examination.