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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


Shorthand for appreciation.
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Metrological enables operators to personalize their TV experience, delivering a complete product suite to launch, manage and monetize branded TV App stores and user experiences.
According to Forrester Research, 63% of mobile users find apps through browsing and app store searches.
App store optimization is a cheap and effective approach to give publisher's newly launched app a fighting chance.
Robert Young, Research Manager, End Point Device & IT Service Management and Client Virtualisation Software, IDC, said : "Enterprise app stores provide an employee-friendly interface for application and hardware requests - ensuring a positive IT services experience.
As part of the class- action settlement, Cook said Apple reached out to 28 million App Store customers last year to refund potential overcharges and is reimbursing 37,000 claims.
The App Store is also the source of updates for that software - so if you have a smartphone, the apps are constantly updated.
Apple's announcement comes as the Mac App Store celebrates its second birthday, after its6 January 2011 launch.
The success of our game Temple Run in 2012 was nothing short of astonishing," said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios, "We were simply looking to create a game that was fun and easy to play, but once it hit the App Store, the game took off.
Therefore, establishing a successful app store is a core success factor in the smartphone market.
The app store now offers around 600,000 applications to owners of Apple devices.
UBA U-Mobile met all the requirements and was listed on Apple App Store in December 2011.
Avon-based COCC said the app store approach bypasses the typical method of upgrading core systems through large-scale software releases or total platform conversions.