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But I think only a very small portion of the population will go toward simplification and antiglobalism.
He combines a rather rudimentary education with a jumble of undigested political and economic notions culled from a variety of sources--Marxism, Latin American-style nationalism, indigenous irredentism, environmentalism, and antiglobalism.
4] But there has been little exploration from a historical perspective of the antiglobalism potential of left nationalism.
Antiglobalism and the Demise of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.
While Kang recognizes nascent anti-American dissent and antiglobalism within the candlelight protests, she acknowledges that many participants likely did not understand the complexities of Korean-U.
The politics, always essentially Marxist with various overlays from Benjamin, Luacs, Gramsci, and others, has now evolved into an apocalyptic form of antiglobalism, loosely inspired on this occasion by some not entirely coherent thoughts attributed to Subcomandante Marcos, of the Zapatistas of Chiapas.
When will antiglobalism activists and political economists like the authors of TAP's special insert have the courage to contemplate the devastating effects of overpopulation on the lives of people in the third world?