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The company also passed along technical information to other security companies so that their anti-virus programs would find more instances, he said.
However, keeping your computer safe from cybercriminals isn't just a case of having anti-virus programs installed -- it's about making sensible choices as well.
If you are like most of us, your first thought is in regard to the anti-virus program installed on your server.
It detected over 711,912 new threats during the year, taking the total number of malicious programs its anti-virus programs have detected to 1,122,311.
4% of the 500,000 viruses it was subjected to and was the one failure among 17 anti-virus programs tested.
This trend is due to economic expediency: developing such programs is incomparably cheaper and easier than creating fully-fledged network worms, while the same Trojan can be easily hidden from the watchful eye of anti-virus programs by using a multitude of different compression utilities.
Unlike most other electric appliances, the cause of a failure in a computer can lie in many places, including the system software and installed applications like anti-virus programs.
Harrison Computers, based in Langley Moor, Durham, is donating the usual pounds 25 fee it charges for a service which includes checking a computer's PC security and anti-virus programs and cleaning up the hard drive to the tsunami disaster appeal for the next month.
The Symbian OS (see Geek speak) smartphones will have protection similar to the anti-virus programs run on PCs, with automatic over-the-air updates for a monthly fee.
It is frustrating to have to keep running anti-virus programs and download patches all the time--especially as the patches become available only after the virus has done its worst.
Why do anti-virus programs work on a subscription model, paying so much a year?
We're installing anti-virus programs and personal firewalls on these devices, and our target date for the project is the end of the third quarter.