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Republicans on Capitol Hill want the UN to stop attacking Israel, leftist anti-globalists usually like pressure on Israel but hate the IMF's heavy hand, and European populists focus their anger at Brussels and often lack clear views on how global institutions should be reformed.
The anti-globalists said throwing eggs and tomatoes at the Hummer will help draw attention to their cause.
The court's decision has also been hailed by other activists, such as anti-globalists who were concerned about their own freedom of expression.
The argument of targets and appropriate instruments is cleverly threaded throughout his response to anti-globalists.
Yesterday students, anti-racists, environmentalists, anti-globalists and gay rights activists all made common cause against the far-right, mustering hundreds of thousands for a rally staged in almost carnival mood - again without trouble.
In search of interesting coverage, the massive press contingent turned the spotlight towards the few so-called anti-globalists, and to Cuban President Fidel Castro, who staged his own little diplomatic show.
And, in the aftermath of the Quebec City protests, and with the G-8 summit planned in June in Kananaskis, Alberta, can anyone doubt that these new measures are aimed at least as much against anti-globalists and anti-capitalists as they are against foreign terrorists?
What seems to be slowly emerging in the public debate is a more nuanced understanding of globalisation issues -- one that recognises the claims of both hyperglobalists and anti-globalists, and distinguishes both from the transformationalists.
On the other side are anti-globalists who believe that globalization destroys the environment, undermines the culture and sovereignty of emerging nations, and abuses human rights.
Anti-globalists at Davos and elsewhere frequently charge that global capitalism leads to the exploitation and destruction of the environment in the name of corporate greed.
It is something of a truism among anti-globalists that companies are more powerful than governments.
Among those burning the Star of David and chanting obscene slogans against the Jewish state in the streets of Europe, there are surely some neo-Nazis; but a greater host of environmentalists, pacifists, anarchists, anti-globalists, and socialists.