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It is the problem of unequal chances caused by a failed political implementation of capitalism that bothers people and creates the fertile soil for the anti-capitalist movement.
He fiercely challenged the dogmatic presuppositions that take as natural and for granted the prevalent position and hegemony of Marxism within the anti-capitalist movement.
43) A key weakness of the contemporary anti-capitalist movement has been its assumption, in the words of the Notes from Nowhere collective, that the old anti-systemic formula for taking power is dead.
These are great days for the anti-capitalist movement.
Their analysis thus creates the space for linking Third Wave feminist practices to broader autonomous media and anti-capitalist movement.
6) Among the 'summit-hopping' after-parties that form part of this global anti-capitalist movement was S11 in Australia, when protesters effected a mass blockade of the Asia-Pacific Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting between 11 and 13 September 2000 at Melbourne's Crown Casino.
These new protesters have been variously styled, both by outside commentators and themselves, as the anti-globalization, anti-corporate, or anti-capitalist movement.
Neither is the ecology movement an anti-capitalist movement.
His wider claim is that a `New' Left can emerge as an anti-capitalist movement that seeks the democratic transformation of society (p.
Globalise Resistance, the anti-capitalist movement, is holding a rally in London the day before with speakers including journalist John Pilger and author George Monbiot, who has written critically about Coventry's hospital PFI.
Organisers of the Glasgow protests claim to be from the moderate wing of the anti-capitalist movement.
Mr Jordan also said: "All Reclaim The Streets' publicity emphasised the creative, positive action - 10,000 leaflets were handed out on the day stating that 'Guerrilla Gardening' is not a protest; by its very nature it is a creative, peaceful celebration of the growing global anti-capitalist movement.