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The Australian Government is bolstering Australia s anti-dumping system with a range of reforms to ensure Australian industry is in the strongest position to compete on a level playing field, while complying with international trade rules.
Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane and Parliamentary Secretary Bob Baldwin announced the reforms which will ensure that Australian manufacturers and producers have access to the assistance and information they need about the anti-dumping system.
The Government s reform package not only delivers on our election commitments but also introduces additional measures to strengthen the anti-dumping system and respond to industry concerns.
Nevertheless Mr Mandelson launched a sweeping review in December on how to revise the anti-dumping system to avoid abuses.
a The Anti-Dumping Commission was the primary recommendation of the review into Australiaa s anti-dumping system led by the Hon John Brumby, the former Premier of Victoria,a Mr Clare said.
These reforms represent the biggest reforms to the anti-dumping system in a decade.
The strengthening of Australia s anti-dumping system is positive news for Australian farmers, says the National Farmers Federation (NFF).
NFF President and Chair of the NFF Trade Committee, Jock Laurie, welcomed yesterday s announcement by the Federal Government that they would establish an Anti-Dumping Commission to oversee and implement Australia s anti-dumping system and to reduce the incidents of unfair trading practices.
Australian farmers depend on a rigorous anti-dumping system so we can continue to compete on a level-playing field against foreign produce, while also remaining compliant with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade rules.
In response to the Prime Minister s Manufacturing Taskforce Report and Brumby Review into Anti-Dumping the Government has announced measures to bolster Australia s anti-dumping system.
Making the anti-dumping system easier for small and medium-sized businesses;