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The attacks involved had the annuity contract numbers as well as the holders' Social Security numbers and dates of birth.
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America has introduced the Retirement Foundation ADV Annuity contract.
Participants may move any variable money in the contracts to get more fund choices from the plan sponsor's investment menu, but they may not move their fixed amount in the annuity contract, and there's nothing the plan sponsor can do.
That section states that the Commission [SEC] shall treat as an exempt security under Section 3(a)(8) of the 1933 act "any insurance or endowment policy or annuity contract or optional annuity contract" that isn't a variable contract and that, if issued on or after June 16, 2013, is issued by an insurer that has adopted suitability rules at least as stringent at the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transaction Model Reg #275 of 2010 and any successor thereto.
What are the income tax consequences to the owner of an annuity contract if he or she sells the contract?
Client transfers cash to the trustee of the trust who purchases a deferred annuity contract with the estate owner as the annuitant.
That, he says, is true to the extent that the cost of an annuity contract exceeds the cost of a mutual fund.
It is imperative that consumers, especially seniors, receive a full explanation of the pros and cons of replacing a life insurance policy or annuity contract so they are not financially harmed.
An annuity contract is the least flexible contract as it can be exchanged only for another annuity contract.
As with a life insurance contract, there are a number of parties to an annuity who acquire different rights and obligations under the annuity contract.
Under this statute, the proceeds of an annuity contract issued to a Florida resident are statutorily exempt from the beneficiary's creditors.
Under the regulations, the amount distributed "is the fair market value of the annuity contract on the date the annuity contract is converted," IRS officials write in a preamble to the final regulations, which appear today in the Federal Register.