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He stated that the increase in car ownership coupled with the absence of a large-scale public transport network required the establishment of effective traffic systems in Amman,.
Mustafa Al Louzi said that this initiative came in line with Amman Mayor Omar Al-Maani directions so that outdoor vendors could have an opportunity before Eid to orderly sell away from any mess affecting shop owners, traffic, street walkers, and exploiting sidewalks illegally.
The residential twin-towers were launched on Monday at a ground breaking ceremony in Amman, attended by Jordanian Prime Minister, Nader Al Dahabi and Omar Maani, Mayor of Amman.
Municipal water was later brought to Amman from Azraq over a 70 Km distance in 1979, then from Swaqa over 50 Kin distance (1982).
We are on the same sheet of music, so to speak,'' Abdullah said, referring to his discussions on Iraq in Amman last week with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
Anastasiades said the golden key of Amman that he received today is of great significance as it signifies a city with historic depth that bears witness to successive civilizations.
Hadidi added that this route will feed other RJ routes in the region, particularly Jeddah and Medina, when Algerian passengers will transit via Amman to conduct Umrah and Hajj in Saudi Arabia.
Frazer arrived in Amman earlier today on a two-day visit within a tour of a number of countries in the region.
Bseiso has been a part of Four Seasons for many years, having joined Four Seasons Hotel Amman in 2002 as restaurant manager.
Under this agreement, Amman Institute is committed to providing JES with paper waste for recycle and reuse within a special program to collect and sort wastes,.
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) launched an environmental awareness campaign targeting Amman residents and visitors from the Kingdom governorates as well as Arab and foreign tourists, titled "Amman Baitna" (Amman, Our Home).