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Likewise, the Old Testament, in the original Hebrew text, contains significant ambiguity, and any translation must decide how to treat this ambiguity.
In Strategic Ambiguity, Ni introduces new works that compare and contrast the island politics between Taiwan and Puerto Rico, specifically the ambiguities regarding international status, uncertainties from their colonial pasts, as well as the changing environments and threats of large-scale disasters.
Ambiguity, who won over five furlongs on his debut at Tipperary, has been placed on his two subsequent starts, most recently when third behind Caravaggio in the Listed Marble Hill Stakes at the Curragh ten days ago.
Walt Disney entertained in his cartoons and even in his amusement park rides by bringing ambiguity to gravity and the laws of physics, and to human senses in general.
In the case of single-epoch positioning, the following formula for approximation of the ambiguity covariance matrix is used as a base for the de-correlation procedure:
Chen is less persuasive, however, in arguing for the continuation of strategic ambiguity.
his facial expression and tone of voice would probably clear up the ambiguity.
Therefore, it is appropriate to define mortality/longevity risk in a more general term of ambiguity in the sense of Knight (1921).
The moderating role of cue ambiguity was investigated by Webb and Sheeran (2004).
In the real world, decisions under uncertainty often involve only vague probabilities, making ambiguity aversion a possible cause for observed market phenomena which are anomalies from the point of view of expected utility theory.
Pareek (1993) has pioneered work on role stress by identifying as many as ten different types of organisational role stresses namely: Inter Role Distance (IRD), Role Stagnation (RS), Role Expectation Conflict (REC), Role Erosion (RE), Role Overload (RO), Role Isolation (RI), Personal Inadequacy (PI), Self-role Distance (SRD), Role Ambiguity (RA), and Resource Inadequacy (RIN).
In a new theory, they claim that ambiguity makes language more efficient.