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The Secretary for Transport and Housing is a non-executive Director of the Company appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR pursuant to the Mass Transit Railway Ordinance (Chapter 556 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and has appointed the Deputy Secretary for Transport and Housing (Transport) as one of its Alternate Directors.
Both shareholders were irate over Mentor's recent decision to move up its annual meeting, thus hampering the ability for the dissident shareholders to propose alternate directors for the company's board.
Relying mainly on such strategies as ousting directors or nominating alternate directors can affect only a few corporate outliers at best.
Should the existing board resist Biglari's proposed changes, we'd not be surprised by a second proxy fight in 2008 running a second set of alternate directors.
There is no provision for the Tote board to operate a system of alternate directors, so the BHB will not be represented until a successor to Savill is put forward for approval by Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State at the DCMS.
Wrenford's structure provides for an open, participative organization with each shareholding member company required to appoint a director, and up to two alternate directors.
During the General Assembly, NQU President Chin-Cheng Lee was appointed as the first President of the Kinmen-NCKU Alumni Association and the first Board Meeting was also held, electing nine directors, three alternate directors, three supervisors and one alternate supervisor.
technical advisers to the Group and as alternate directors to new independent
As a result of the completion of the final stage of the equity transaction, the two alternate directors (Thierry Baudon and Michael Krammer) have replaced the two remaining TDC representatives on Invitel's board of directors (Morten Bull Nielsen and Henrik Scheinemann).
Thierry Baudon, Craig Butcher, Nikolaus Bethlen and Michael Krammer were elected as alternate directors with over 92% of the votes cast in favor of their election.
The purpose of the Meeting is to (i) approve the proposed debt restructuring announced on September 30, 2009 and (ii) to elect four alternate directors to the four directors who currently represent TDC A/S on Invitel's Board of Directors.
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