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The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, Allan Greenspan - The Fundamentals of Language, Roman Jakobson, Moris Halle
25% perpetuating what Allan Greenspan has called a "conundrum," the perplexing phenomenon where the Treasury has resiliently remained low despite rising rates.
During the years since the creation of the TC, Paul Volcker and Allan Greenspan, both Trilateralists, have managed the nation's economic life as chairmen of the Federal Reserve.
We need a visionary for the nutraceuticals industry--think about what Bill Gates is to the computer industry or what Allan Greenspan is to the financial industry.
Another impact on that day of trading was favorable comments from the usually cautious Federal Reserve Chairman, Allan Greenspan, about an economic soft landing that the market interpreted as a cease-fire on the fight on inflation through interest rate hikes.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan in his remarks at a 2004 conference on Economic Policy Research, at Stanford University.
Allan Greenspan seemed to indicate that the recent slowdown in the economy's rebound, especially in job growth, was merely a temporary affliction, a prediction many in real estate agree with--but not without an air of caution.
WASHINGTON -- Today, one day after testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan to the House Budget Committee, RNC Chairman Governor Marc Racicot made the following statement with 17 days until the end of the fiscal year and 52 days until the mid-term elections.
According to Allan Greenspan, incoming WPT President, "This study proves what our industry has always believed.
I am not Allan Greenspan, so you can't ask me about what the economy will do, but I think certainly in the past few weeks, there have been indicators that we are at the end of the recession, in which case the rents will pick up," he said.
will be available for commentary on the Monetary Policy Report given by Allan Greenspan to the House of Representatives on February 11, 2004.
He cited ten reasons for the market's roller coaster performance-from the recent ruling on the break up of Microsoft, and the rise of on-line brokerage and chat rooms filled with misinformation to margin calls and an April 14th speech by Allan Greenspan, buried in news reports, which stated that the Federal Reserve Bank would not bailout bad investment decisions-a major reversal of policy.