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While there's no escaping eventual replacement or conversion of the 60,000 or more air-conditioning systems in the U.
These and other temporary sites will rely on more than 300 YORK commercial/unitary air-conditioning systems, seven chillers and 150 air-handling units for comfort control.
The energy generated will be used to chill water for air-conditioning systems and swimming pool heating.
The development of smart windows could mean that massive air-conditioning systems may no longer be needed.
Several MERV "cores' containing webs of ESI membrane are already being field-tested in institutional air-conditioning systems in the U.
The system not only ensures conservation of a vital natural resource (water), but it also eliminates the need for buildings to own air-conditioning systems that use ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), thus potentially reducing the "heat island" effect of increased temperatures in downtown Phoenix.
The group bought S&H Fabricating and Engineering in the US last year in a pounds 240 million deal - that company had a strong position in the US automotive air-conditioning systems market but did not make accumulators or receiver/dryers, Mr Dawson said.
Updating of air-conditioning systems is an energy-saving opportunity that is covered by many utility rebate programs.
Further, there is a good deal of work underway to develop chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free heat-exchange products for automotive air-conditioning systems.
Contract notice: Procurement of new systems and repair and maintenance of existing air-conditioning systems to the court of athens.
The attempt at a public relations coup has instead resulted in flawed designs in the air-conditioning systems, according to project managers and contractors.