After-hours market

After Hours Trading

The practice of trading a security after an exchange has closed. After-hours trading occurs over-the-counter, but both listed and unlisted securities may be traded. After-hours trading is often less liquid than regular trading because participation by market makers is voluntary, whereas market makers are required to serve as a counterparty for a security during trading hours. The price of a security in after-hours trading may influence is price on the next trading day. The practice is less commonly called extended-hours trading.

After-hours market.

Securities, such as stocks and bonds, may change hands on organized markets and exchanges after regular business hours, in what is known as the after-hours market.

These electronic transactions explain why a security may open for trading at a different price from the one it closed at the day before.

There's also trading in benchmark indexes such as Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) before US stock markets open. The level of activity and the direction the trading -- up or down -- is widely interpreted as an early indicator of what's likely to happen in the market during the day.

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Volumes are expected to rise further as TAIFEX and Eurex continue to develop the after-hours market for these contracts.
said Wednesday it plans to set up a proprietary trading system in August that will take after-hours market orders from account holders.
The report came in roughly in line with expectations and the company boosted guidance, but the stock started selling in the after-hours market -- classic buy the rumor, sell the news action.
And Instinet, which operates the oldest and most widely-used ECN, recently teamed with on-line brokerage ETrade to allow the latter's retail clients access to Instinet's after-hours market.
In addition, Advantage Answer24 provides a level of service integration currently not available in the after-hours market," explained Alan King, Workplace Options' president and COO.
Volumes are expected to rise further as KRX and Eurex continue to develop the after-hours market for the world s most widely traded derivatives contract.
This is a rapidly growing area in the healthcare field and ER Urgent Care has been a pioneer for this concept in the underserved after-hours market.
Koopa shell options immediately jumped in after-hours market trading.
com Securities soared 4,000 yen to 206,000 yen after the online brokerage said earlier in the day it would set up a proprietary trading system in August that will take after-hours market orders from the firm's account holders.
This is Thomson Financial Corporate Group's After-Hours Market Commentary.
will enhance COMTEX' financial news offering with after-hours market commentary and analysis.
com, a leading Internet-based stock information service, announced the availability of an After-Hours Market Report available on its website.