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The net after-tax profit for the financial sector constitutes 60.
In the third quarter alone, after-tax profit stood at EUR 19.
After-tax profit, excluding an impact from swap transactions, totalled HUF942m in the fourth quarter, 16 percent below that reported for the last quarter of 2007 and 62.
Gascard also reported an after-tax profit of $10,762 on revenues of $1,556,393 for the three months ended Feb.
Meanwhile its after-tax profit reached NT$ 420 million (US$ 14 million), increasing 3.
6 million for income tax expense and after-tax profit as of Jan.
Profitability of Taiwan's 5 FHCs in First Half of 2012 FHC After-tax profit (NT$B) EPS (NT$) First 6.
31, 1992, representing net after-tax profit for the quarter in excess of $400,000.
Best found that after-tax profit margins for A&H rose to a multiple-decade high of 5.
NASDAQ: STUSQ) announced today that the company anticipates reporting a small after-tax profit of approximately $10,000 for the fourth quarter and $150,000 for the full fiscal year ended Feb.
The firm also reported that half the after-tax profit, or DM 15.