killer bee

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Killer Bee

An investment banker who helps publicly-traded companies take periodic or continual measures to discourage unwanted or hostile takeovers. One example of an antitakeover measure in which a killer bee might assist is the macaroni defense, in which the company issues a large number of bonds with the proviso that they must be redeemed at a high price if the company is taken over.

killer bee

An individual or organization that assists a firm in repelling a takeover attempt, especially by devising defensive strategies.
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A 25pc increase in berry mass was recorded when African honeybees were the predominant insects visiting the flowers.
In Panama, naturalised African honeybees were most active near forests at 1,500m above sea level.
Most important, insect geneticists have yet to determine the extent to which African honeybees are interbreeding with the more easily managed New World honeybees, most of which derive from European ancestors.

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