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Control person

Control Person

An important person in a corporation. Control persons include senior managers, members of the board of directors, and officers such as the CEO and CFO. Control persons are able to use both their authority and their influence to make decisions on the corporation's activities. A control person is also called an affiliated person.

control person

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PJSC "Magnit" Has Published the List of Affiliated Persons as of 30.
AFTER serving for 19 years in the higher judiciary, of which nine months were spent as the CJI, Justice Palanisamy Sathasivam feels the Centre and the state governments are to be equally blamed if they felt that corrupt and politically affiliated persons are making their way into the higher judiciary.
Launched on February 1, 2013 to DoubleLine clients and affiliated persons, the Fund will be opened to the public on July 1.
A A Bin Hindi family's affiliated persons also had the right to representation.
Thus, non-residents and residents, whose founders or affiliated persons are foreign individuals and legal entities registered or resident in the following 41 countries and territories granting privileged tax regime and do not providing full information to banking supervisors will not be eligible for participation in the auction: 1.
Pursuant to the SPA and subject to certain conditions precedent including TSX Venture Exchange and shareholder approval, SHC or SHC and affiliated persons will purchase 22,727,273 units (the Units ) of Abzu at $0.
We can arrest Al-Qaeda affiliated persons without committing crimes against civilians," the security officer assistant said.
Al-Saidi pressed the necessity of the positive communication between the ministry officials and all other affiliated persons in all occupational grades in addition to the communication with the public, emphasizing that the officials in the ministry are working for crystallizing the health system and restructuring the administrative regulations for serving the public interest.
The modified city plan if implemented will provide for a new developer to commence work on the Ritter Ranch project, remove RRD (the developer) and all affiliated persons and entities from the project, resolve all the litigation filed in the bankruptcy case (and that which is on appeal) and reimburse the city for substantially all its bankruptcy and plan-related attorney fees and costs,'' City Attorney Matt Dizhazy wrote in a staff report to the City Council.
The new president engaged in the practice of making excessive and uncollateralized loans to himself and affiliated persons.
an insurer owned by one or more affiliated persons that writes directly or reinsures only enumerated types of business).
0 billion in worldwide sales of services by MOFA'S, 86 percent were to unaffiliated persons, and 14 percent were to affiliated persons.
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