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To our view, the discrepancies in Adorco's affidavits have seriously impaired their probative value and have [cast] serious doubt on their credibility,' the DOJ resolution further stated.
Lagat says he acted as instructed and that the affidavits were prepared in the presence of the deponents.
The court while directing to file affidavits of both Commissioner and district magistrate on next hearing adjourned the hearing till November 13.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation (PBF) has asked Bodybuilding clubs to submit an affidavit to the federation mentioning that they won't be using any illegal substance for rapid muscle-building of the bodybuilders.
The Ministry of Home Affairs, in its second affidavit in 2009, changed its earlier stand that Ishrat Jehan was part of a terror module backed by the Lashkar- e- Taiba and stated there was no conclusive evidence to suggest this.
An IVS official told Gulf News that handwritten affidavits were vulnerable to tampering, spelling mistakes and legibility problems.
Kress having sex with the victim, according to the affidavit.
Lawyer Bruce Rivera turned over a more-than 30 pages of Napoles affidavit at around 3 p.
Reading the court decision, Justice Philip Tunoi said that another six affidavits which were attached to that of Odinga should be removed from the court records.
The court observed that the plaintiffs' expert affidavits reflected a considerable level of detail, which readily distinguished them from the insufficiently detailed affidavits in other cases.
2) In a federal civil action, either party may move for summary judgment with or without supporting affidavits under Rule 56.