Advisory letter

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Advisory letter

A newsletter offering financial advice to its readers.

Advisory Letter

A newsletter offering financial advice to readers or subscribers. An advisory letter may be broad by discussing macroeconomic trends, or it may offer specific advice on particular sectors of certain markets. If an advisory letter offers advice on specific securities, the author(s) are normally registered investment advisors with the SEC, and investors should exercise caution if they are not.
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SEC ended more than 40 years of government regulation of publishers of financial advisory newsletters.
That is why Zacks Investment Research has assembled the best investment experts in the business to offer their powerful advisory newsletters on all the major investment topics: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Options, Futures etc.
Today MPL is the largest publisher of financial advisory newsletters in Canada.
Martchev is also associate editor of Personal Finance, KCI's flagship publication, which is recognized by the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association as one of the best financial advisory newsletters in the country.
The Spear Report, formerly Independent Investor Digest, is a weekly newsletter that compiles information from seven of the best performing stock advisory newsletters.

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