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With advertorials, advertisers not only get their advertisement that mimics a real news story.
Radio advertorials will also feature heavily on both networks.
The contract that we have at North American will also be running advertorials, reaching out to faith-based groups and also reaching out to Web sites.
And shoring up this business ethic are organizations such as the Center for Consumer Freedom and the Washington Legal Foundation (whose paid advertorials appear regularly on the New York Times Op-Ed page).
We encourage you to carefully read their advertorials to better understand why and how you need to alter your procedures to protect your company.
Sanitarium: In January, we began a six-month series of advertorials promoting plant foods in the 'Body and Soul' supplement of News Limited's national Sunday papers.
The multimillion-dollar campaign includes print advertorials that will debut in July in bridal books and bridal editions of such magazines as InStyle and Martha Stewart Living.
As their advertorials show, these companies are going out of their way to make it worth customers' while to do business with them.
To launch the Tea Mark, we held a media press conference which was followed by advertorials in the press and by interviews and discussions in all the major peak time slots on radio and television.
It would seem that people are so subscribed to the advertorials, the infotainment, the second-rate reruns of movies, that they've missed a fresh perspective.
The [nonjournalists] didn't understand why advertorials needed to be distinguished from editorial content," Chin says.
THE EXPERIENCE OF COLLEGES and universities shows that competition can force achievement down rather than improving it," writes Albert Shanker, president of the American Federation of Teachers, in one of his widely published advertorials.