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Advance estimates have also placed the Gross Domestic Product growth for the full year of 2014-15 at 7.
Based upon the data received from States/UTs, during an Agricultural Year (July to June), Ministry of Agriculture releases four advance estimates followed by final estimates of area, production and yield of major agricultural crops in the country.
According to the first advance estimates for 2014- 15, the production of kharif or winter crops is estimated to be about 120.
8 ( ANI ): The Advance Estimates of GDP, which estimates economic growth at 4.
This year's advance estimates of farm output give some interesting insights into the way prices are expected to move on exchanges in the coming few months.
According to the advance estimates, the growth in agriculture and allied activities grew at 1.
The ministry's advance estimates for the July to September quarter showed a slowdown from the marginal 0.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry raised the forecast on the back of advance estimates that showed the country's gross domestic product expanded by 19 percent in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period a year ago, and 26 percent over the previous quarter.
As per the advance estimates of the Central Statistical Organisation, the Indian economy grew at 7.
1 percentage points in the preliminary and advance estimates, respectively.
In the second quarter of 2004, according to advance estimates,
Get advance estimates of fees for land-use approvals, sanitation permits and building permits.

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