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PlaySpan is thrilled to work with Adobe and Adobe AIR developers," said Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of PlaySpan.
With regard to the training efforts highlighted above, organizations can provide employees with video-rich training applications in Adobe AIR that can be viewed and completed on laptops anytime, anyplace.
Through this agreement, Symphony Teleca is providing turnkey services for development, certification and licensing of Adobe AIR to all YouView set-top box OEMs.
Download the free Tooncast Studio App at the Adobe AIR App Market.
For intermediate-level developers, this reference explains how to use Adobe AIR 1.
com Stratus, a weather widget powered by Adobe AIR software.
com is a set of online services, including file sharing and storage, PDF converter, online word processor, and web conferencing, that use PDF, Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR technologies to deliver online experiences.
Adobe AIR develops cross-platform RIAs on a desktop using web technologies users already have, such as HTML, Ajax, PDF, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex.
Las herramientas Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex y Adobe Flash Player son la base de la plataforma de tecnologia de la firma para RIAs.
I asked Adobe's Luis Polanco, Adobe AIR senior product manager, and others for their insights into green document strategies, including how to fix the "newspaper problem.
The PlayPhone Social Gaming Network supports all leading and yet-to-be released development platforms, including Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Adobe AIR, with full support for Unity.
The tablet also supports Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe AIR.