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The warrants do not contain any price or other adjustment provision, except for customary adjustment provisions that apply in the event of certain corporate events or transactions that affect all outstanding common shares.
The Risk Adjustment provision transfers funds from lower risk plans to higher risk plans for non-grandfathered individual and small group market plans, inside and outside the Exchange.
Asphalt cost escalator clauses are a price adjustment provision that allow asphalt paving contractors to adjust their construction price based on a fluctuation in liquid asphalt cost.
The shares are subject to a market price adjustment provision that could require a settlement to be made by the company, or to the company, based generally on the volume weighted average trading price of the J.
Finally it is necessary that legislation contain an effective border adjustment provision that requires imported energy-intensive goods to bear the same climate policy-related costs as competing U.
The Senate bill will be reconciled with the House version, as it did not contain the cost-of-living adjustment provision or the women veterans mental health study, both of which the DAV supports.
That court determined that the adjustment provision, which imposed a condition subsequent on a completed gift, was against public policy and, thus, invalid.
While GAO believes that some employees remain concerned about the pay adjustment provision, GAO also believes that employee concerns have been reduced considerably due to the clarifications, changes, and commitments the Comptroller General has made.
In fact, the process seems so simple that parties often negotiate the purchase price adjustment provision in the sale contract almost as an afterthought.
The transfer-pricing adjustment provision in subsection 247(2) seemingly applies only where the words of the preamble are satisfied, i.
It continues the existing cost-of-living adjustment provision, which provides quarterly payments equal to 1 cent an hour for each 0.
Tenders are invited for Stainless Steel Examination Cum Operation Table Having Stainless Steel Top And Manual Adjustment Provision With Caster Wheels.