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Dominion Textile also stated that, in conjunction with union representatives and appropriate government agencies, adjustment programs including retraining and other assistance will be examined to help employees.
Suc h structural adjustment programs, she argues, "virtually destroyed the model of work identified with a lifetime plan which provides men with the opportunity for personal fulfillment and success as providers for their families" (112).
When it comes to broad economic policy, the World Bank has followed the IMF's lead and adopted structural adjustment programs that follow the same principles of export-led growth.
The WRI report focuses on Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Indonesia and Kenya -- countries where the World Bank deliberately linked structural adjustment programs to forest policy changes.
He combines case studies alongside discussion of theory and institutional facts in his coverage of the measurement of economic development, domestic and foreign financing of development, problems of the external balance and the exchange rate, regional economic integration and monetary union, stabilization and structural adjustment programs, the measurement of competitiveness and comparative advantage, and issues of privatization and public sector reform.
Dominion Textile also stated that, in conjunction with union representatives and appropriate government agencies, relocation and adjustment programs, including retraining, will be examined to assist employees.
They combine cross-national and case study approaches--focusing on the countries of Mexico, Nigeria, Iran, China, Peru, Zimbabwe, Turkey--and Indonesia, in order to address issues of colonialism and decolonization, globalization, structural adjustment programs, civil society, war and insurrection, electoral politics, sovereignty and international organizations, and relations with the United States.
In an era of increasing audits and legal actions, payers and providers need to reassess their risk adjustment programs to guarantee compliance and maximize data quality.
This initiative, he noted, "aims primarily to fight poverty and social exclusion, while planning for ambitious programs consistent with the African context that has not been accurately grasped by the structural adjustment programs dictated from outside.
They had their differences, of course, but under the watchful eye of IMF Managing Director Jacques de Larosiere, the borrowing countries adopted economic adjustment programs; the commercial banks supported those programs through concerted "new money" loans and rescheduling of existing maturities; and the international financial community worked effectively together to support countries that adopted sound economic adjustment programs.
Before going into the nature and design of structural adjustment programs, let me note two points that we should bear in mind in the context of our discussion.
The most frequent employment settings are those directly related to rehabilitation, such as work adjustment programs, supported employment programs, sheltered workshops, group homes, centers for independent living, mental health centers, developmental disbilities programs, disability specific programs (blind, deaf, head injured, etc.