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According to the Eurogroup website, Ministers will discuss the economic adjustment programmes of Greece and Portugal and review the post-programme situation in Spain.
A draft opinion of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament has criticised the role of the Eurogroup and the European institutions participating in the troika (IMF, EC, ECB) over the social impact of the economic adjustment programmes in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus.
The draft opinion of Spanish Rapporteur Alejandro Cercas on the role and operations of the troika with regard to the euro area programme countries, notes that the EU institutions (the ECB, the Commission and the Eurogroup) were fully co-responsible for the conditions imposed under the economic adjustment programmes, and therefore for their social consequences.
The next paper investigates the effectiveness of fiscal structural adjustment programmes in an economy that has been suffering from moderate inflation and political instability for some time.
Well the G8 countries will, though IMF/World Bank imposed structural adjustment programmes, ensure Africa will continue to do that
Well the 68 countries will, through IMF/World Bank-imposed structural adjustment programmes, ensure Africa will continue to do that
In a not dissimilar way that Eboe Hutchful analyses the role of the international financial institutions in Ghana's economic programmes over the past 20 years or so, Roger Tangri investigates the way that the IMF and World Bank have brought in structural adjustment programmes to many African countries to reduce the role of the slate and create more effective state management, but have seemingly been unable to do much about minimising the significance of patronage politics in the running of Africa's public institutions.
Kairos demands the unconditional cancellation of bilateral and multilateral debts of the world's poorest countries and an end to Structural Adjustment Programmes, among other things.
Dieudonne Oyono, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Cameroon on Good Governance, described to me how the initial one-year structural adjustment programmes demanded by the World Bank `took away almost the entire social sector' of his country's budget.
This wide experience with structural adjustment has led to a greater understanding of the process of structural adjustment and hence in an evolution of the policy package that is often prescribed in the context of these adjustment programmes.
These are just some of the conclusions of this major assessment for the Danish Parliament on the effects of structural adjustment programmes in Africa.
Sector Adjustment Programme Secretariat for the reform of the