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The seven-year, Freddie Mac, adjustable rate loans are secured by a 78-property portfolio of independent living facilities located in 30 states across the country.
8 percent in the greater San Fernando Valley during July as trouble with adjustable rate loans continues to mount, a university research center said Tuesday.
Subprime loans are also frequently adjustable rate loans that may start at a lower interest rate but jump significantly after the first few years, making the mortgage payments increase rapidly over a short period of time.
The proliferation of what Fed chairman Alan Greenspan dubbed exotic mortgage products such as adjustable rate loans, piggyback loans, interest only loans, and home equity loans, whose monthly payments can as much as double if interest rates rise to not unfathomable levels, as well as mixed economic signals such as choppy job growth, and the way real estate appreciation has exceeded salary increases have provided fuel for many an apocalyptic scenario.
These pauses are encouraging and helpful, as they have permitted Malaga's net interest margin to widen, as its adjustable rate loans have re-priced upward at a faster rate than its cost of funds.
Holders of adjustable rate loans may have also bought some time, too, because Gumbinger thinks this environment could persist for a while.
In Britain, the concern is that consumers are being wooed by low, short-term interest rates on adjustable rate loans, and may not be sufficiently informed about the effects of possible higher interest rates in the future.
We have a different problem in California because, in some communities like San Diego for example, more than 50% of purchase money loans were issued with high risk mortgage products like option adjustable rate loans with extremely low 'teaser' start rates.
Typically, adjustable rate loans carry an interest rate of 2.
According to its January report, which is based on data from over 30 major lending institutions, all serving the New York residential marketplace, two of the three most popular fixed-rate mortgage products ended lower, while two of the four leading adjustable rate loans climbed higher.
She cited a statement by Tom Teixeira, director of the Greeley/Weld housing authority, in which he blamed the extremely liberal underwriting practices of competing lenders that put inexperienced homebuyers into adjustable rate loans that they really couldn't afford in the long run.
And when rates do rise, buyers typically switch to less expensive adjustable rate loans.

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