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Any delays in your flights will be subject to your tour operator or flight carrier in getting you on the next available flight; you will only be covered for any flight delays if you meet the terms and conditions in your policy wording (usually 12 hour delay or more) and Volcanic Ash Cover is covered on your policy either as standard cover or you have purchased additional cover and paid the appropriate additional premium to add this cover on to your policy.
The company directed to refund the additional premium or charges collected with half-yearly compounding interest at 2% above the bank rate on April 1, 2014 by debiting shareholder's account.
He says that the increase will bring in about $55 million in additional premiums next year, and will be combined with a cost-reduced claims process that will save the WC system $35 million to $70 million by June 2014.
Terming the additional premium against of people, OGRA directed PSO to contact Petroleum Ministry over recovery issues of the premium.
The majority of automobile insurance companies provide the option for customers to pay an additional premium per year for approximately Dh150, which offers an alternative vehicle while yours is undergoing repairs, which is standard procedure according to international guidelines.
As we have shown, you can have a standard letter for an additional premium audit and a different standard letter, say, for simply enclosing a policy, another routine transaction that takes place every day.
And then there are nine additional premium toppings, including Black Forest ham and sauteed mushrooms, at an extra $1 each.
However, an additional premium will be paid over the first five years to enable the new treatment centres to offset the extra costs they incur, as a result of speedy set-up and rapid staff acquisition demanded in the interests of patients.
One addition to Stacey Giulianti's fine article on dealing with an insurance misrepresentation defense (April) is to consider if the insurer promptly refunded the premium upon learning of the alleged misrepresentation (some cases even involve accepting additional premium payments).
The insurers will be able in charge an additional premium for the coverage.
The property manager may elect either to pay an additional premium for the increased terrorism coverage or reinstate the terrorism exclusion in full for the remainder of the policy period.
Beneficiaries could also elect to enroll in catastrophic coverage for an additional premium that would pay for drug costs in excess of $4,000 per year (a still very high average of $334 a month).

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