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The countenance of the first-named gentleman, peculiarly intelligent at all times, acquired great additional interest from his close observance of the game, and his attentive perusal of Mr.
On the other hand, they were evidently disposed to remain bound to the place by an additional interest in the mysterious mummeries that they of course expected from such a visit.
Some critics believe that her garden was the scene of The Decameron, which lends it an additional interest, does it not?
State and local governments would have paid $714 billion in additional interest expenses between 2000 and 2014 without tax-exempt municipal bonds, according to a new white paper issued by GFOA and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).
NYSE: CNP) has established July 10, 2015 and July 14, 2015 as Additional Interest Regular Record Dates under the terms of its 2.
It is anticipated by SXCP to distinguish between $15 million to $18 million of additional interest and financing expense in second quarter 2014.
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (VALE) will pay additional interest to holders of the mandatorily convertible notes (notes) due June 15, 2010 issued by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vale Capital Ltd.
Under this approach, the individual still may be listed as the named insured on the policy, and the entity is listed as an additional interest.
Her story has generated additional interest from the media and public about our report and we appreciate E Magazine for being a vehicle to spread the word about environmental contamination and impacts on women's health.
Additional interest deductions may lower taxable income, if any, or increase a company's net operating loss (NOL).
EBs are redeemed with additional interest rates if the price of a selected stock is higher than a pre-determined price on a set date.
Of additional interest for copack diodes are IXYS high performance HiPerFRED[TM] 2nd Generation Fast Diodes.
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