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The lenders have also sought additional collateral from the promoters of these exchanges on their borrowings and have capped cash withdrawals from the few accounts that are still operational.
If a participant wants a loan exceeding 50 percent, you can grant the request if the participant can provide sufficient additional collateral.
Each secured lender would like to get enough additional collateral to solve its deficiency; each unsecured lender intends to obtain enough collateral to secure its position.
They further contend that any letter of credit provided by the seller-lessee constitutes additional collateral under paragraph 12(d) of Statement no.
Is additional collateral value in the borrowing entity and guarantees available?
In the EITF's view, such unsecured guarantees do not provide the buyer-lessor with additional collateral that reduces risk of loss, except in the event of the seller-lessee's bankruptcy.

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