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As for adaptive technology, Young explains that 'it completes the overall experience of our website and app.
602) librarians on the component of use of adaptive technology for special children.
Those people with computers, technological skills, and adaptive technology want their books delivered directly to them electronically over the Internet.
Participants suggested good-quality rehabilitation and basic skills training, along with appropriate adaptive technology, as ways of overcoming the majority of these barriers.
Adaptive technology is integrated by design to incorporate all of the IP contact center technologies that typically power a Web-enabled call center, including phone, fax and Internet technologies, as well as technologies related to quality assurance.
Air conditioning is clearly a vital adaptive technology that has saved countless lives.
Adaptive technology computer stations, including a large monitor, keyboards oversize keys, and "OpenBook" software that scans printed material then "speaks" the text aloud through headphones.
There are currently five centers serving students with learning disabilities, two centers for deaf and hard of hearing students, and one adaptive technology center which services all special needs students identified by the Act.
To make the services offered at Huron Employment Resource Centre (HERC) accessible to individuals with a range of disabilities by purchasing adaptive technology to apply to the HERC Computer.
To help employers understand the changes within the DDA and avoid the risk of possible legal action, RNIB Cymru has developed Data (Disability and Adaptive Technology Awareness).
3]'s superior linear array produces crystal clear images, thanks to the 16-bit adaptive technology.
The reader will come away with an understanding of the myriad adaptive technology aids that exist to level the playing field for people with disabilities.

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