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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

A practice or agreement in which dividends on a security are used to buy more of the same security rather than be disbursed to the investor in cash. A dividend reinvestment plan is relatively common in mutual funds; investors agree to use dividends and other capital gains to reinvest in more shares of the mutual fund. While this involves assuming more risk in the mutual fund, it carries the possibility of higher returns.
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QuickSilver's Adaptive Computing Machine technology is focused on creating the first WunChip -- a Wireless Universal 'Ngine or a "what u need, when u need, where u need" communications device.
PROVO, Utah -- Adaptive Computing, the largest provider of High-Performance Computing (HPC) workload management software, today announced two significant awards recently presented to Adaptive customers.
As a result of this rapid cloud technology expansion, Adaptive Computing increased cloud software sales by 244 percent in 2012.
As a company that shares our expertise in HPC, cloud and big data, Bright Computing represents an ideal collaboration partner in furthering our Big Workflow vision, said Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing.
Joining forces with Adaptive Computing will allow us to run Cray XC30 at two HLRN locations in an extremely efficient and balanced way," said Peg Williams, Cray's senior vice president of high performance computing systems.
These latest editions of Moab demonstrate our continued commitment to improving the user experience of Moab as well as the back-end functionality," noted Michael Jackson, president of Adaptive Computing.
We have to adapt our flexible operating model rapidly, and we need a company breaking new ground to support the very latest HPC technologies, thus we selected Adaptive Computing for our workload management software," added Professor Paul Shellard, COSMOS Director.
Adaptive Computing has been selected to receive the following awards:
2 to aid them in making the smoothest, most efficient transition possible," noted Robert Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing.
PROVO, Utah -- Adaptive Computing, the largest provider of private cloud management and High-Performance Computing (HPC) workload management software, today announced a strategic partnership and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT) to create a cloud operating system by integrating Moab Cloud Suite and an open source private cloud platform.
Acromag offers many compatible PMC FPGA modules with configurable logic elements for algorithm acceleration, DSP, communication, and adaptive computing functions.
This marks the first time Adaptive Computing has been listed by IDC in their renowned MarketScape reports.

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