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Actus Adwatch for automatic ads verification: Actus AdWatch offers an advanced audio and video based content detection solution Actus Adwatch will track new ads automatically, eliminating the operator's need to track a new ad manually.
The Actus system has allowed us to offer our clients immediate, direct access to their compliance recordings, and the clients' reaction has been extremely positive.
Hence, Fabro lists as the first of the five different general ways in which Thomas argues for the real distinction between essence and the actus essendi an approach in which, especially in his early writings, Thomas is more heavily influenced by Avicenna and derives this distinction from the fact that a creature is caused by God.
Actus offers Actus View as a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for recording and archiving linear broadcasts.
In addition, Actus supports pre-bill, medical-necessity screening resulting in fewer rejected claims, enhanced traceability for coding audits and fewer missed charges for outpatient services.
At the core of every Actus installation is its media management platform.
As part of the Actus Lend Lease commitment to environmental sustainability, the homes at Tierra Vista Communities are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable.
Fort Hood was one of the first bases that Actus took over management of when it entered into a 50-year partnership with the Department of the Army in 2001.
Cornelia Volino, President of AVIX stated, "Upon considerable review over an extended period of time, Management concluded that it was in the best interest of its shareholders to not proceed further with the acquisition of ACTUS for the proposed purchase price and consider alternative potential acquisitions.
In order to comply with the current requirements, Actus has deployed Actus View to record and monitor the 350 IP-based channels, Actus Multitrak to support multiple audio tracks, Actus EncoderPro to save hardware resources, Actus Loudness to monitor audio levels, and Actus AlertCenter to provide NXT with real-time alerts for any audio or video issues.
It's important to point out that the 3D process employed in "Safety Geeks: 3D" is not the traditional red and blue glasses technique dating back to the 1950's, but instead is the full stereoscopic 3D image using technology and processing from their own 3D and VFX company, Lumen Actus LLC.
Chapter nine discusses what Burrell takes to be the paradigm uses of actus for Aquinas--understanding and willing.